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The DFA girls says No!Access denied!A novel and the most secure methods for client side data encryption and decryption and storage using AES 256 triple des and more. Bulletproof security measure for data transfered over ssl and even very secure over non ssl using a random keys for every post. Used with the server file monitor script that scans and monitors all you server files DFA got you covered

Personal Password Hasher Encode and Decode your Usual Passwords:

You must use a random password for your logins but remembering them is a problem and if you save them thats not a good idea either.
With the Personal password encoder you can use your usual passwords and just encode them using this javascript that you can save to your desktop. You can edit the salt yourself as well see source code. It is in html format to save and use from your local machine too.
You can esily use a random password encoded from your usual password and you can decode the hash too.
So it simplifies the using of a random hash password that you will always be able to recover or decode.

Why you should use the DFA Personal Password HasherPassword-storing company falls victim to hack Hackers have attacked a company that stores peoples passwords online. LastPass warned its clients that they should change their passwords.

Click here for the demo and save to your desktop.

Crypt AES.256 Client Side Data Encryption Method:

Client side data encryption is nothing new but most developers just rely on ssl and they think thats secure. Well as we know nothing is secure anymore so I put together a new to me method for added security.
Client side encryption is usally not considered because of a visible password on client page if generated with Php and it is the same password for all data in most cases unless the user supplies it. And where are the passwords stored?
With this method we generate a random password with javascript with every submission the js generated password is not visible in source code and so what if you have the password for your own data dont mean much.
The random password is used to encode the data then we insert the password into the encoded data using js.
So each data entry has it own password.
We retrieve the data extract the password and decode on the client side as well.
There you have it. Added peace of mind for your data over ssl and a very secure method for encryption over non ssl as well.
This script can be interchanged with any crypto script from google code. Such as triple des etc.

Click here for the live demo and submit some data.

Download the script click here.

Modifications or implementation into your application is available for a minimal fee.

Server file hack monitor script:

DFA Server files hack monitor is a set it and forget it security php script that is a must for every webmaster.
Run a preliminary scan with the script and it takes a snap shot of every folder and file on your server up from whatever directory to upload it to.
You can set it to ignore directories as well.
The best way to use is run a cron and it scans every file and folder at regular intervals for file modification changes, new files, deleted files and even scans for suspicious hacker type codes and quarantines the suspect files renaming them as well.
You will be emailed a report when the scan is run.
Just set the server path variables and exclude directories like itself in config, run first scan and set up cron.
Or you can run by accesssing the scan script as well.
If you add new files run pre scan again or it will quarantine the new files.

  • Scans web files and directories for changed permissions.
  • Scans files for hacker code.
  • Scans files for change in size.
  • Scans files for new files.
  • Scans for deleted files.
  • Scans for time stamp change.
  • Quarantines suspicious files.
  • Runs manually or with cron job.
  • Emails you a report when runs.

Download this script click here.

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