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EZ-email Message/Data Encryption

This service uses Blowfish encryption to create a password protected content message. The encrypted message use JavaScript to self-decrypt in a standard web browser, but only after the correct password has been entered. This is all done client side so no chance of intercepting. Is secure as your browser and computer is. The service has been tested in all the most popular browsers. Password can be in the thousands just enter in password form field

How to use this service:
1- You use your own email client to send an email notice to your contact of an encrypted message for them.
2- You provide a hint to the password and this is inserted in the email body along with the link to the message page in the following step.
3- Your contact clicks the email link they go to a page that retrieves the encrypted message and loads the text box for the password with the hint reminder.
4- They enter password and message decrypts using client side javascript.
5- Message files are deleted from server.
6- Easy to use from any device.

Create Blowfish encrypted data message

Step 1 - Enter a password longer the better. Must be an answer to a question the recipient would know:

Step 2 - Enter the message that you would like to encrypt in the box below.

Enter content:



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