guide to total internet anonymous surfing activities

Operate in total steath on the internet and never be tracked.

In order not to be tracked down on the internet takes alot of forethought.
As you know alot of hackers are caught BUT alot more are not.
So how is it done?
Chaining link with the Tor network and multiple proxies is part of the system
But that is not enough. Because the government runs Tor exit nodes just as they
run some of the biggest and smallest vpn services.

He is the basic chain you must set up not to be found.
1- First connect to Tor network.(From internet cafe or hot spot) 2- Aquire or have use of a VPS (Vitual Private Server). Paid for with cash or bitcoin etc.
3- Set up a VPN on VPS and connect to Tor chain from VPN.
4- From the VPN connect back to Tor Network.
5- From Tor run browser thru SOCKS 5 Proxies.
6- Take care of business.
7- Brake all connections and delete/clean VPS.

Your email and other communications must be done from offshore servers.
Sweden has the strongest privacy laws and there must be tangible proof that
a crime has taken place. Not like in the US where all they do is ask a Company for your
data and they hand it over.
But this company below could not handover data even if forced
as everything is encrypted by you with no backdoors.
The data would be useless.

The Link below is the most secure communications service by far.
Located in Sweden.
Check them out and all their layers of encryption to safeguard your privacy.

Most secure and anonymous internet communication service.

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