DenyFromAll.Org. Why? Because!

The DFA girls says No!Access denied!Deny from all free services encrypted email messaging system for all devices, surf proxy, anonymous file distribution any many more being added

DFA Services:
Anonymous file distribution. Upload files and a hash key will be generated and required to download. Send hash key to your contacts using the messaging for complete privacy. Files are deleted after 30 days.
Click Here.

Send encrypted communications using your email client works great on mobile too. Post any content and it gets encrpyted and stored on the server. Your contact gets a link to the message data file to read. File is then deleted. Click Here.

Send encrypted communications from This free service requires an account signup and you must place a link on twitter or fb or etc. You encrypt your message and an email notice is sent to your contact using DFA as sender not your email. Works the same as the basic service plus the added feature they can reply back to you encrypted as well. Members can send messages between themselves internally if contact is known. Click Here.

Browse with steath surf proxy. You can add the https to url and add certificate key to your browser it is self signed. Click Here. See downloads to get the php script.

More DFA services to come!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

dont spy on me

Anonymous backs new encrypted social network. BYE Facebook.Click here.

Get ICELAND private and secure Email Chat and Messaging. The Unseen!Click here.

Get the Tor anonymous operating systemClick here.

Free anonymous proxy list. updated daily.Click here.

Free anonymous SOCKS proxy list. updated daily.Click here.

ALL-CRYPT 15 algorithms to choose from.
Cipher and Decipher Mania!!!.
Click Here

Encrypted Email Messaging.
Communicate in privacy. All messages encrypt and decrypt.Click Here